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"Advances in Mechanics" is a comprehensive academic journal supervised by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and jointly sponsored by the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, focusing on publishing high-level review articles in the field of mechanics, with special attention to the bidirection drive of mechanics and applications.

Welcome articles facing the major national needs, from the perspective of engineering systems, summarize and analyze the research history and current situation of common or bottleneck mechanics issues, and have a foreseeable article about the future

Welcome the forefront of mechanics, exploring new directions, new fields, and enlightening articles;

Welcome in-depth summary of the mechanics results or lessons with important reference and reference value, so that the latecomers can better create and invented articles on the basis of the predecessors;

Encourage creative ideas and suggestions for current important academic issues related to the development of mechanics.

From 2021, " Advances in Mechanics" will be published as a quarterly journal. The journal columns include:

1. Review: This column accepts review and commentary manuscripts, mainly by contract, and accepts high-quality free submissions. The length of the article is not limited, and the author is required to engage in in-depth research on the topic reviewed, and be familiar with the current research status and development trends at home and abroad. The content of the review and comment should include the domestic and foreign developments, latest research results, and prospects of the topic. Forecast and existing problems, and put forward suggestions on the research work of the topic, and guide the research of new topics. When submitting the manuscript, please indicate the representative papers published by this research group. The review should have a certain depth and breadth, with clear levels and a clear framework. Authors should publish their own opinions and brief introductions on the cited principles, methods, results or conclusions based on the literature review, and avoid simple listing of the literature.

2. Research Letter: This column quickly and briefly reports original and novel scientific research results. The articles are mainly by contract, and high-quality free submissions are accepted. Generally no more than 4 pages.

3. Frontier Focus: This column provides a brief summary and commentary on individual research work that has recently been highlighted at home and abroad. Articles are generally around 1,000 words, and high-quality free submissions are accepted.

4. Prospects/Viewpoints: This column publishes opinions and insights on the research background, latest development, potential value, etc. of a certain research field. This column mainly invites senior experts to write, and the content of the article does not mainly discuss the author's own work.

5. Dynamic Information: This column introduces the latest information on important scientific and technological information, scientific research project progress, important conferences and academic activities at home and abroad. This column accepts free submissions, including but not limited to:

(1) New scientific research results that have been reported;

(2) The results of important academic conferences;

(3) Information on subject additions, professional settings, double-class evaluation, national weight evaluation, etc.;

(4) Related information from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology, etc.;

(5) Book reviews, the latest catalogs of well-known mechanics journals, etc.

6. Mechanics: This column introduces important figures in mechanics and mechanics institutions at home and abroad, and is mainly based on drafts

7. Translation: This column publishes and translates foreign high-level classics in mechanics and related disciplines, and accepts free submissions.

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